SDCF is committed to championing the cause of bringing the whole Gospel to the whole world. 

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

ROMANS 10:14-15 (NIV)

To learn more about our SDCF Commissioned Missionaries and partner with them in their work, please visit forlovespurpose.org.




After serving the Lord for 30 years in various churches in the Philippines, Pastor Ep was invited to become the Lead Pastor at San Diego Christian Fellowship in 2002, where he faithfully served for 8 years. Throughout their years in the US, Pastor Ep and Lulu still kept in touch with the many pastors and families in the Philippines. Through that communication, they developed the burden to return home and minister to the pastors and pastors’ wives in the Philippines who were in need of spiritual refreshment and encouragement.

Ep and Lulu left the US in August 2010 and moved to Cebu to start the ministry of GraceNet Philippines. They partnered with the Baptist Conference of the Philippines (sister denomination of Converge) to identify at least ten pastoral couples at a time from every district of the country that are in need of spiritual and emotional refreshing. The goal was to give these pastoral couples a break from the ministry, so that they can return to their churches refreshed, renewed, and recharged. These pastoral couples were invited to an all-expenses-paid retreat, wherein they received VIP treatment of food, pampering, and gifts. They attended relevant seminars and small group discussions to help them become more effective in their ministry. From 2010 to 2016, Pastor Ep & Lulu served about 275 pastoral couples through these retreats. They also developed and field-tested a spiritual journey with both discipleship and leadership tracks to help the pastors in their ministry. In 2016, the Baptist Conference of the Philippines adopted this as their national unified curriculum.

After a year-long home service in 2017, Ep and Lulu returned to the Philippines in 2018 with a new vision, “to deeply influence catalyst churches in Metro-Manila with the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality discipleship program which in turn would impact other churches in the Philippines.”

Since 2018, Ep and Lulu have introduced the EHS program to leaders of 2 big churches (with membership of not less than 1,500), 4 smaller churches (with membership of 200-250), and a good number of pastors, Christian workers and church leaders. To date, 3 churches have already rolled out the EHS study to their small groups.

Ep and Lulu can be reached at forlovespurposebrion@gmail.com.



Ruthie Burton’s long-standing mission has been “Proclaiming Jesus `Christ to the Deaf and Children of Brazil.” Ruthie is a local San Diegan who has given her life to minister in Brazil. She was a long time missionary of Otay Baptist Church and continues to be supported under SDCF. Her mission primarily centers on ministering to the deaf and children in Brazil as well as training volunteers to become effective ministers to the deaf.

Aside from her regular activities in Brazil, last year, she along with 27 other Brazilian volunteers traveled to Beira, Mozambique to minister to children and adults alike. 

How you can partner with Ruthie in prayer:

  • Pray for a great harvest during their regular evangelistic meetings for the children and the deaf.
  • Pray for God’s leading for future ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance as she serves as a coordinator for present ministry events.



Twenty-eight years ago, Myrna, was working as an Assistant Media Director in an advertising company in Manila. One day during her morning break she read Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few…” From that point she began praying hard about sharing God’s word in the workplace. Myrna responded to God’s call and became a full-time missionary in 1985 through the Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). Since joining CCC, she has been assigned to various locations in the Philippines, South East Asia, San Diego, and now in the Middle East. Currently, Myrna is working as a Marketing Manger for the CCC’s trading and training companies in a major metropolis. Her work there is a two-fold ministry—(1) using the business as a mission field and (2) committing to the ministry of evangelism and discipleship. Myrna exercises aggressive approaches to different companies to market their training tools and to connect to the people in the workplace, especially the local citizens. Her goal is to use the business as an avenue to connect with those who do not know Jesus Christ and eventually win them to Christ.



“Good and faithful servants” is a fitting description of Pastor Cirilo and Dory Doguiles. “Pastor Cir,” as he is lovingly called, was the founding pastor of Fil-Am Christian Fellowship, now known as SDCF. In 2002, Pastor Cir and Dory left sunny San Diego to work for the Converge Worldwide headquarters in Chicago. After years of working at the denominational level in the areas of church planting, Filipino ministries, and Intercultural ministries, Pastor Cir and Dory decided to solidify the commitment they made 28 years ago to return home to minister in the Philippines. On January 29, 2014, they left for the Philippines to embark on this new ministry.

As Converge missionaries, they will be part of the Converge Worldwide Philippine field, with Pastor Cir working as the Executive coach of Converge Philippines national leaders. His job is to help advance the mission of multiplying transformational churches through Starting and Strengthening (S2) churches. 

Their five-year vision and goals include:

  • Start 70 churches
  • Strengthen and retool 70 congregations for transformational ministry
  • See at least 10,000 believers discipled
  • Establish a School of Church Planting 

Please continue to keep them in your prayers:

  • For wisdom and spiritual sensitivity in their pursuit to join God where He is already at work.

V. & M. G.


V. is the ministry director of the SEND Taiwan field. Their desire is to have vibrant and growing churches in the least-reached areas of Taiwan. They’re praying that God will send more church planters to help them.

They praise God that a university where they are assigned has officially accepted their English Club. They meet with the students regularly but were told by the director of the English Department that they cannot do anything spiritual inside the campus. Please pray that as they develop friendships with the students, they will be able to share the gospel and then disciple and train them. They’re praying for a student center where they can bring their students. They also need other SEND missionaries and local coworkers to help them share the gospel and disciple the students.

Before the Lord called them to serve in Taiwan, they served in Indonesia for nine years, reaching out to Muslim and Buddhist university students, from whom a church was born.

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” - Matthew 23:14



Dan and Na are our missionaries in Thailand working through Global Recordings Network. Currently, GRN has over 6,000 Gospel messages in over 5,000 languages and counting. They are all free for downloading from their website: globalrecordings.net. Dan’s primary work is administrating the distribution of GRN media that is listened to and viewed in Thailand and in neighboring countries. Na is working at Grace International School as a teacher.