About Us

The South congregation of SDCF worships every week on a historic campus. At the street corner you’ll find a one hundred-year old chapel. The church bell in the steeple invites the neighborhood to prayer and worship. Our current sanctuary, recently remodeled, conveys an updated classic look. A megachurch we are not. It’s truly a place to be known, not lost.

With loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, we worship indoors each week. Distanced seating and masks illustrate the ongoing precautions we are taking. Our Life Groups at this time are held by means of Zoom but the encouragement experienced in each of them is richly life-giving.

Our congregation has a Filipino-American feel. We have a number of active and retired service members, but those of other professions feel equally at home. We have all age groups represented.

Steve Houston

Lead Pastor / Congregational Pastor

My hope as pastor is that the South congregation would hear impassioned sermons that have a fresh take on timeless Scripture and are hope-building.  We look to the Holy Spirit to open our minds to God’s awesome ways and to enable inside-out change in each of us to reflect his incredible love.

My hope is that everyone would be encouraged to know that they don’t have to travel the Christian walk alone. We have spiritual coaches who are eager to come alongside those who want to grow deeper in their faith or even those who are just earnestly curious.

My hope is that newcomers would pick up on the sincere kindness of our congregation and feel welcome to jump in and enjoy the family-feel fellowship, and of course the food!


Life Groups



Leader: Gloria Morales

Usual Location: Close to Paradise Valley Rd and S Woodman St



Leader: Steve & Leslie Houston

Usual Location: Bonita


Leaders: Precy Rivera and Ric Rivera

Usual Location: Eastlake


Leaders: Allan & Lynn Rivera

Usual Location: Eastlake


Leaders: Alex & Edna Buan, Joyce Lontok, Verna Doniza

Usual Location: Eastlake



Leaders: Thelma Cale and Josie Carter

Location: Close to Paradise Valley Rd and Briarwood Rd

Zoom Bible Study

Leader: Cesar Costa

Usual Location: Church Campus on Zenith St